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  • Includes these, and more:
  • Green Check Two 4-hour intensive classes (coffee & milk included)
  • Green Check 1 trainer vs 2-3 students
  • Green Check Extraction & dial-in
  • Green Check Milk steaming & latte art (At least Heart, Tulip, Wing Tulip)
  • Green Check Order management
  • Green Check Speed & workflow
  • Green Check Equipment operation and maintenance
  • Green Check Resume revision and interview mockup

(Best Value)

  • Everything in Professional, plus:
  • Green Check Two 4-hour sessions of self-practice (coffee & milk excluded - valued at $150)

The Experience Our Alumni Had With Us


I couldn't be happier about my training with Simon! I found his information really valuable and I would recommend this course to anyone who wants to update their knowledge about coffee standards in Australia or who is just starting their career as a barista


Highly recommend this course for everyone, especially who’s living in Sydney area and wants to find a barista job or just interested in coffee art. The trainer Nguyen Le is super super friendly, enthusiastic and I can see that he really wants to express his passion about coffee to everybody around. He also provided me some useful tips and experience which are really important for a new guy like me. Another trainer, Viet Nguyen, is awesome as well. He’s really dedicated in the class and also enthusiastically reminds his students to do some revisions at home.
Overall, although there are plenty of options to find a good barista course in Sydney but this one I think is one of the best to consider.

Screen Shot 2021-08-23 at 8.21

Amazing training from Lee, so passionate about his craft. We were short for time and Lee managed to fit us into his schedule. Can’t recommend him enough. The attention to detail and the amount of time we had on the machine was beyond our expectation. Thank you Lee, we will keep practicing our heavy pour tulips.


Le was such an amazing trainer: super friendly, experienced, knowledgeable and very supportive! Although I’ve had a bit of experience in making coffee previously, thanks to his helping me point out my strengths and weaknesses, I can see that my skills have been improved remarkably. Besides, I love that there are only 2 students per class, which made the course more personalised (though affordable fee) and also really assisted in achieving the highest training quality.
Once again, thank you so much Lee, and to anyone out there who’s looking for a credible barista training course, I highly recommend First Shot Barista Training!

Screen Shot 2021-08-23 at 8.07

Really good quality course! Nguyen Le was taught really well from the basics of how to make a good coffee until how to get a job from small things that we never thought. He is also so motivated and open-minded. Really enjoy the course, thank you!


My friend and I chose the Job Hunting course and it was fantastic. Le Nguyen was an amazing leader and showed us everything we needed to know to become junior baristas (milk steaming, latte art, correct dosages, ect). Definitely recommend him!!


Definitely recommended! After taking the course, I got a new job. The trainer is amazing, with positive energy, and rich knowledge of coffee. Before taking the course, I felt unconfident and never made the milk right. But after only a few minutes with the trainer, I did the milk perfectly, even latte art became easy for me. I sent the deposit before the course started, and when the course ended Nguyen Le didn't even ask me to pay the rest amount of the fee (80%), only when I found the job, I can pay him back. How nice he is.


This is one of the best centre in Syd. I highly recommend to do barista course with FirstShot Barista Training... The trainers are so kind, helpful... especially Nguyen Le ,he helped me how to become a good barista... I have got the job after doing the course.. Thank u again


Highly recommend for those who truly want to become a barista and get a good job. Le and Simon are awesome trainers. They are very enthusiastic, funny, friendly and have many experiences in this industry to share with you. Thanks to them, now I know a barista requires so many things other than just making a cup of coffee or a certificate. Once again, thank you First Shot for inspiring me and hopefully, you can inspire more and more people.


His course helps me a lot to gain coffee making skills and knowledge about different kinds of coffee. Besides, I had a lot of time to practice in a professional environment. Furthermore, after the course the trainers also support me in looking for a job and with their support I got the job straight. Thank you Le for support me a lot and demonstrate how to steam milk and make coffee properly so many times. Thank you Simon for offering me a job

Why Choose
Job Hunting Course

The course is designed for people from all levels.

We offer not only knowledge and skills but also the amount of practice that we can guarantee you cannot get from any other schools. And that’s not all. Here are 3 of the many reasons why you should train with us.

3 Students Per Class Max

This will ensure you have the most practice.

TWO 4-Hour Classes + A Lot Of Practice

You will have at least 8 hours of learning. You can also upgrade to get more practice.

Modern & Cafe like Set Up

We proudly provide you with state of the art machines & equipment used by most cafes in Sydney to ensure you are 100% confident while acing your trial.

Make coffee with the standards in Australia with amazing latte art Set up and operate a workspace efficiently
Have an barista resume that is designed by our trainers who are business consultants and hotel managers
Ace your interview effectively with tips and tricks from our trainers
Boost your confidence by 100% by our supportive learning culture
And many more...

By the end of this course you will be able to...

Explore the set up we have

Cafe racer

La Marzocco Linea PB

Sanremo Zoe




Robur Electronic Grinder

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Mythos One


Mazzer Kony

coffee training room



Cafe Like Set-up

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Professional Classes Are Now Available

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Premium Classes Are Now Available

Please make sure you are available on these days. The display prices include the classes and DYI sessions. For example, $50 - $400 means $400 for the classes and $50 for the DYI sessions. The total is $450.


Where is the training studio located?
Our training room is located at 647 George St, Haymarket, NSW 2000. We are steps away from Central Station.
Do I need any previous experience?
Our training room is located at 647 George St, Haymarket, NSW 2000. We are steps away from Central Station.
Will I get a certificate? Are your courses accredited?
Our training room is located at 647 George St, Haymarket, NSW 2000. We are steps away from Central Station.
Will I get a job after training? Will you help me find a job?
Our training room is located at 647 George St, Haymarket, NSW 2000. We are steps away from Central Station.
Is it easy to get a job? Is one course enough?
Our training room is located at 647 George St, Haymarket, NSW 2000. We are steps away from Central Station.