Are you a coffee nerd or a professional looking to upskill your tasting game

Perfect for all levels!

  1. 3-hour intensive training :
  2. Uncover your coffee's flavor secrets through its label.
  3. Understand coffee origins 
  4. Precision brewing at home or in service.
  5. Decode the sensory experience and talk about it confidently.
  6. Free Training Booklet
  7. First Shot Alumni: 15% Off
  8. Trainer: Simon Gautherin

What Will You Learn?

Guaranteed 100% useful and fun

Attributes of Coffee What are Flavours?
Linking Flavours to Colours
The Flavour Wheel Cupping Procedure
First Shot’s Framework

#1 Bang For The Buck Coffee Tasting Course in Sydney

Our programs blend structured excellence, competitive challenges, and joyful learning. Say goodbye to subjective methods—our evidence-based approach sets us apart from the rest.

Join us and embark on a journey where training meets competition, all while having a blast.

How Will You Learn?

Trained with a well-structured program

Embark on a truly unique coffee journey with us. Our training promises to be not only educational but also the most fun you'll have. We mean it!

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We start by delving into the diverse attributes of coffee, unraveling its complexities and nuances.

From there, we present an array of 4-5 distinct coffee varieties, spanning from affordable $13 per kilo options to luxurious selections priced at $800 per kilo, showcasing the full spectrum of flavors and qualities.

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Easy To Use Framework

Our unique framework, a simplified version of the Specialty Coffee Association (SCA) protocol, forms the backbone of our analysis. Through this structured approach, you'll learn to discern and appreciate the subtleties of each brew, honing your tasting skills with precision and clarity.

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Good Fun

But it's not all serious business. At the end of each session, we incorporate mini-games designed to reinforce your newfound knowledge in an engaging and enjoyable manner. With our program, learning about coffee is not just educational—it's a delightful experience from start to finish.

The Experience Our Alumni Had With Us

We Train, Compete, Coach & Repeat

How is training with us like?

First Shot Barista Training is not only a training center but also a community.