Nguyen Le: Barista Trainer

At First Shot Barista Training in Haymarket, New South Wales, Nguyen Le, co-founded a training programme fuelled by a passion for exceptional coffee and a frustration with the industry's many shortcomings.

EXPERIENCE: We Train, Compete, Coach & Repeat

  • Work: Worked for several specialty cafes since 2014.

    Competing: Trained and worked with Simon Gautherin for barista, brewing, tasting and water science since 2015, conducting research together. Trained and coached with Jibbi Little for barista and latte art. I was one of her first students back in 2017 to train and compete with her.
    Consulting: We have trained and consulted over 30 cafes & roasters with different models in Sydney since 2015. As a contractor, we hired numerous baristas for various events and conferences, providing deep insight into the job market.

Awards & Honours

  • VN Barista Smackdown Sydney 2018 Host
  • #2 2018 South Coast NSW Smackdown
  • #2 2018 Beat The Barista
  • #4 2018 ONA Latte Art Madness
  • #10 NSW Latte Art Championship 2018
  • #8 The LMINATOR 2018

VISION: Bridging the Gap Between Aspirations and Reality

My co-founder, Simon, and I witnessed a concerning trend: countless students were misled by established coffee training schools, leaving them ill-equipped and jobless. Conversely, cafe owners struggled to find competent baristas, particularly from those who are new to the industry.

There was a clear disconnect between expectations and reality – we and set out to change that!

COMMITMENT: : We Offer Efficient, Affordable and Professional Barista Course

First Shot Barista Training was born from this desire to bridge this gap. We're not interested in churning out baristas who prioritise latte art flourishes over fundamental skills. Our barista courses in Sydney , delivered in high-quality facilities, cut through the noise and get down to what matters most.
We believe in integrity over hype, thus equipping our students with the knowledge, practical experience, and industry connections they need to succeed and thrive in an ever-competitive industry where genuine talent is lacking.

Mission: Structure The Way Coffee Making Is Being Taught & Convey Knowledge More Efficiently

  • Unmatched Practical Experience: Forget theoretical courses that leave you unprepared. We prioritise hands-on training, ensuring you graduate with the confidence to excel behind the coffee machine.
  • Focus on Coffee Fundamentals: We delve deep into the world of specialty coffee, from bean selection and roasting, to brewing techniques and milk texturization. Our curriculum ensures you understand the "why" behind the barista techniques.
  • Industry Connections: We don't just train you; we connect you. Our network of cafes actively seeks well-trained baristas, thus giving you a head start on landing your dream coffee job.

First Shot: Your Launching Pad for Coffee Success

Whether you're a domestic student (17-23) eager to embark on your barista journey, an international student (17-28) seeking an Australian coffee experience, or a business cafe owner (30-45) looking for top barista talent, First Shot Barista Training is your ideal partner!

First Shot prioritises a multicultural learning environment, fostering collaboration and understanding within the global coffee community.

Forget the fluff and empty promises. At First Shot, we're committed to building exceptional baristas who prepared for the real world of coffee.

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