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Frequently Asked Questions

Is your Sydney barista course accredited and are you an RTO?
While we’re not RTO, we have found that employers do not take this into account when looking for a barista. Employers seek the practical skills that our Sydney barista training provides, and our professionals are armed with a wealth of industry experience that will equip you with the right knowledge and expertise for the job. We focus our training on delivering a holistic understanding of the industry and ensuring that you can produce a great cup of coffee.
How can I get a job after barista coffee training in Sydney?
Whether you’re looking to become a barista or would like to move into management positions, our beginner and advanced courses have a proven track record of job success. Not only do we arm you with a wealth of practical skills and theoretical understanding, but we provide great job training to set you up for a great career in the café industry.

Our trainers and business consultants will also provide you with a tailored resume to take to your next job interview, as well as several interview tips and tricks to maximise your chances of getting your ideal barista job. Explore our blogs for great industry insider tips, recipes and advice from our professional trainers.
How do I enrol?
We’ve made it easy to sign up for our barista courses in Sydney online. Simply explore our easy-to-use website, choose between our Job Ready, Discovery or Advanced Training courses and click the book now button. If you would like more information on our courses, don’t hesitate to get in contact with us and fill out our online enquiry form.
Where is your Sydney barista school located?
We’re conveniently located in the heart of the CBD, at 647 George St, Haymarket, NSW. Whether you’re working in the city or travelling on public transport, we are a few steps from Central Station, bus stops and the light rail.
How long are your Sydney coffee classes?
Our course hours will depend on which training program you choose, for example our Job Hunting course provides 8 hours of comprehensive learning, which are broken up into two, 4-hour sessions. You can also upgrade to our 20-hour lessons to solidify your learning and become a master barista.
How much does your barista coffee class in Sydney cost?
As one of the most affordable barista schools in Sydney, we offer a flexible payment system and accept a range of payment methods. For more information on our competitively priced courses, our barista trainers will be more than happy to provide a comprehensive price breakdown.
Can I book for a group Sydney barista class?
Tailoring our approach to each client, we are flexible in the way we deliver our Sydney barista coffee training. While we aim to keep our classes between 2-4 people, we also take larger group bookings to facilitate staff development training for businesses as well as those looking to learn with their friends.
How far in advance do I need to book?
Our trainers are active in the hospitality industry, consistently improving their knowledge of coffee-making. For this reason, we require that you book our Sydney coffee course a minimum of two weeks in advance to allow us to schedule the best barista trainers for the job.
What is the difference between your beginner and advanced coffee classes in Sydney?
Our tiered approach to coffee training is designed to meet you at your skill level. If you’re looking to learn the basics of coffee-making and machine operation, our Job Hunting course will equip you with a great foundation as a barista.

For those looking to progress into management positions, head barista roles and café ownership, our Advanced Training is designed to broaden your understanding of the coffee industry, brewing science and superior knowledge of espresso machines and grinders. It will also equip you with a refined coffee tasting palate so that you can play a role in sourcing coffee and choosing quality blends for your business.
What type of machines will I learn on?
We’ve designed our barista coffee classes in Sydney to ensure that you can walk into any café and feel confident operating the espresso machine. You will learn about the most widely used espresso machines and grinders so that you can easily adapt to a variety of café conditions.

Our state-of-the-art La Marzocco and Sanremo espresso machines are an industry favourite. You will also fine-tune your understanding of coffee grinders using leading brands like Mazzer, Robur, Mythos and Ek43 at our training centres.