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We promise integrity over hype.

Our trainers are highly knowledgeable in all things related to coffee, from sensory evaluation of beans and brews, roasting techniques, flavor profiling, equipment maintenance and repair or latte art.

It doesn't matter if you're just looking to improve your skills or want a new career path - this is where it's at!

Sensory & Brewing

Our barista trainers have perfected their craft through years of experience.

We can teach you everything about coffee bean varieties and optimal extraction methods, helping you embark on your journey to mastering this intricate art form!

Buying & Roasting

We develop our sensory skills through years of experience, making us excellent judges of quality coffee.

Latte Art

Learn from our professional latte-art artists with years of experience in professional competition.

How is training with us like?

First Shot Barista Training is not only a training center but also a community.

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Why is your course so expensive?
For the quality we offer, our courses are very cheap!

Imagine paying $150-$300 for a quick 2-5 hour course with 10 other people, old machines, and hardly any milk to practice. After that, all you get is a piece of paper and no real coffee skills. That is expensive for nothing.

Now, with us, it's different. We give you over 14+ hours of training in small groups of 2-6, using very expensive equipment and all the coffee and milk you need to practice. Plus, if you're a Premium student, you get an extra 3 months to practice – something others charge $50 an hour for. We even help you find a job with our partners and job hunting platform https://firstshotbaristatraining.com.au/find-a-barista/, using part of your fee to support your own job search.

Try to find another place offering all this for less than $1000. Good luck!

Is it easy to get a job? Is one course enough?
It really depends on how quickly you can pick things up. According to feedback from café owners, our barista trainees often have better skills than experienced ones.

People who've taken cheap $150-$300 courses in big groups for 3-5 hours often tell us they regret it and are thankful for what we offer, which is a hundred times better than what they learned before.

We hear the same from those who spent $800-$1000 on private 1-on-1 or 1-on-2 classes elsewhere.

Will you help me find a job? Do you guarantee a job?
No, we don't. If any school promises you a job, be cautious.

Most of our students find a job within 1-2 weeks after training. Some who aren't naturally talented may take 1-2 months, but we offer extra self-practice, which no other school in Australia does, especially for Premium students. In rare cases, 1-2 students might struggle because they don't try hard enough or due to personal reasons.

When you invest in a better service provider like us, it improves your chances of finding a job but does not guarantee a job. It's similar to paying $40k for university, where they don't guarantee a job either.

Hence, we created this platform (the first and the only in Australia) to help our students https://firstshotbaristatraining.com.au/find-a-barista/. And this is just a fraction of what we do to help our students to find a job. Again, if anyone guarantees you a job, be cautious.

Where is the training studio located?
Our training room is located at 647 George St, Haymarket, NSW 2000. We are steps away from Central Station.
Do I need to have some experience?
Nope, you don't need any experience beforehand. Actually, it's better if you don't have any because then we can teach you everything from scratch without you having to unlearn stuff from other places.
Will I get a RTO certificate?
Nope, you won't get an RTO certificate because it doesn't mean much. We only provide a certificate of completion for those who score 75/100 on the final test.

When it comes to hiring baristas, it's simple. You'll either make a few cups of coffee or help the head barista for a while. The owner decides based on how well you do and what you know, not if you have a certificate or lots of experience.

Certificates can make employers think you don't have real experience. You can buy one for about $200 in a short class with lots of people and old machines, but bosses don't like that.

Our training is way better. We spend over 14 hours with small groups of 2 to 6 people, using new equipment and as much coffee and milk as you need. Plus, we give you 3 more months to practice on your own (Premium only) . We teach everything from making coffee to art and how to treat customers well.

Our students often get better at it than people with lots of experience.

I only want to learn latte art to find a job. Is it okay?
No, that's a misconception about baristas.

Latte art is indeed important to some extent. However, cafe owners never ask for squirrels or horses, which are arguably not good for coffee.

What they need are baristas who can consistently deliver good coffee with latte art during busy hours.

In fact, our basic latte art (Heart, Tulip & Wing Tulip) is equivalent to advanced latte art at other places. Just look at our baristas on https://firstshotbaristatraining.com.au/find-a-barista/.

Although our students excel in latte art compared to others, we focus more on real skills such as extraction and workflow, which are more crucial.

Moreover, it all comes down to training methodology. Our students can achieve very good latte art after 1-2 hours of training, while we often see students from other places struggling after 10-16 hours due to poor teaching methodology.

Again, latte art is so easy to teach but we value other skills better.