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At First Shot Barista Training, we understand how competitive the coffee market is in Australia. We provide expert barista training in Sydney at all levels so that you can enter the industry with a depth of knowledge and a strong ability to produce a great cup of coffee for your customers.

More than simply receiving a certificate, our Sydney-based barista coffee school teaches baristas about the complex art of coffee-making, from understanding how the coffee is grown to optimising your machines, perfecting your milk frothing technique and creating latte art.

What makes First Shot Barista Training different?

Champions in coffee-making
Our coffee school in Sydney has helped to up-skill thousands of baristas who in turn bring their techniques to local cafés across the country. Armed with a wealth of barista experience from Sydney's finest cafés, our trainers have competed in numerous professional barista, tasting and latte art competitions in Australia.

An avid interest in all things coffee drives our trainers to consistently improve and expand their knowledge of the coffee market in Australia and worldwide so that they can deliver the latest in coffee-making techniques.
A holistic approach to coffee training
Designed to up-skill and train employees at all experience levels, our barista coffee training in Sydney will improve your ability to confidently prepare delicious specialty coffee. Our holistic approach to coffee training covers both the practical skills in brewing, frothing and latte art presentation as well as industry skills to help you improve your ability to nail an interview.

Manage your coffee operations more confidently with our advanced barista class in Sydney — you’ll learn a broad range of transferable skills. From attending to your machines to understanding coffee growing regions, notes and the science behind brewing, our classes are designed to set you up for success.
State-of-the-art training facilities
Set in a bright and modern space, our Sydney barista training centre mimics the look and feel of an Australian café to give you a smooth introduction to the industry. We ensure that you have familiarity across many makes and models by completing our training on the most widely used espresso machines and grinders.

Learn the intricate functions and features of state-of-the-art La Marzocco and Sanremo espresso machines, and fine-tune your understanding of coffee grinders using leading brands like Mazzer, Robur, Mythos and Ek43. Mastering the basics of these models will allow you to transfer these skills to any machine used by current and future employers.
Small classes for focused training
We keep our Sydney barista coffee course small, training groups of between one and six people at a time to ensure that you are engaged and empowered to produce exceptional coffee wherever you go. Training in smaller groups allows us to tailor our approach and set each student up at their own machine.

You can also book for larger groups if you’d like to complete a training day for your employees or as a social activity with friends. Our trainers keep each class light-hearted and fun, ensuring that your passion for coffee is nurtured. Using a hands-on approach, you’ll start making coffee in your first lesson, tasting your delicious creations as you go.
Tailored to your needs
Providing a broad spectrum of knowledge for aspiring and working baristas alike, our sessions will equip you with transferable knowledge at all skill levels. Whether you’re a passionate home coffee connoisseur or looking to improve your skills to progress within the industry, our barista coffee school in Sydney is tailored to help you master your craft.

With an understanding that education is key in building a strong career in the coffee industry, our classes are cutting edge, providing industry insights from professionals at the forefront of great coffee in Sydney.

Discover Our Courses

Our Beginner to Intermediate Course — Job Hunting
Designed for anyone looking to start a career as a barista, you’ll learn the foundations of quality coffee-making. In a series of hands-on classes, you’ll learn the variables involved in producing quality coffee. First, we cover all things espresso, from specialty grinding, dosing, timing and weighting so that you can extract the best-tasting coffee out of each shot.

Once you’ve mastered the perfect shot, we move on to milk frothing, how to achieve a smooth and creamy texture and free pouring techniques. Incorporated into our lessons are workflow and café communication so that you can improve the way you interact at work to optimise your efficiency. At the end of our 'Job Hunting' intermediate barista course, you will leave with the following skills:

  • Coffee theory —

    From the seed to the cup, we explore the timeline of coffee. You’ll learn about prominent growing regions and the methods in which coffee is processed as well as develop your palate to understand different notes and flavours.

  • Extraction & Dial In—

    An understanding of the science and best practice in making attractive and delicious tasting coffee that meets the rigorous standards and expectations of coffee connoisseurs in Australia.You will be able to dial in any recipe requested by your employer or customers.

  • Milk frothing and advanced latte art —

    We teach you advanced pouring techniques, from standing to arm techniques, to produce attractive advanced latte art designs such as wing tulip or rosetta.

  • Work management —

    From set up and operation to maintenance, we teach you how to optimise your workflow for a safe and efficient workspace.

  • Barista resume —

    Designed by our trainers, business consultants and hotel managers, we put together a stellar barista resume that is sure to get you an interview.

  • Interview techniques —

    We work with you to improve your interview techniques, providing you with effective tips and tricks to help you make a great first impression.

  • Confidence —

    Our comprehensive barista coffee course in Sydney provides a supportive learning culture that will boost your confidence in making specialty coffee.

  • For Experienced Baristas — Advanced Training
    Developed to help experienced baristas forge a strong career path in the industry, our 'Advanced Training' barista course in Sydney expands your coffee tasting and latte art abilities. It is designed to help intermediate coffee makers become head baristas and managers and deliver business insights for those looking to open their own café. You can choose from:

  • Advanced coffee theory—

    You will learn the broad industry of coffee, from the best-growing regions and conditions to the refining and roasting process. Whether hot or cold, we introduce you to the science behind brewing and extracting coffee. You will learn the variables that go into brewing, including the water temperature, quality and pressure.

  • Machine operation and maintenance —

    Our industry professionals will provide a comprehensive overview of espresso machines and grinders, equipping you with the skills to accurately and efficiently dial in coffee as well as troubleshoot operational problems. we will help you understand the sensory experience behind great coffee, what customers seek out of their café and language to effectively analyse and deconstruct coffee blends. Armed with a strong sense of the world of coffee, you will have the skills to improve your coffee and enhance your customer’s experience.

  • Advanced latte art

    Learn the science to steaming perfect latte milk and master your pouring with our trainers who have years of experience in competition. From jug & cup holding techniques to standing techniques, we will teach you exactly how competition baristas usually perform on the stage.

    Expand your horizons and sign up for affordable Sydney coffee training today!

    Professional development is essential to expanding your career in the coffee industry. Our cutting-edge and affordable coffee training in Sydney will equip you with transferable skills that will impress employers and help you improve and optimise your café operations. Get in contact with us via our online enquiry form to speak to one of our trainers about our three-tiered coffee course in Sydney. Sign up today and enjoy huge savings on our barista courses.


    Designed for anyone looking to start a career as a barista.


    Developed to help experienced baristas forge a strong career path in the industry or cafe owners.

    The Experience Our Alumni Had With Us

    JENNA P.
    JENNA P.
    Read More
    I couldn't be happier about my training with Simon! I found his information really valuable and I would recommend this course to anyone who wants to update their knowledge about coffee standards in Australia or who is just starting their career as a barista
    Duy Dang
    Duy Dang
    Read More
    Highly recommend this course for everyone, especially who’s living in Sydney area and wants to find a barista job or just interested in coffee art. The trainer Nguyen Le is super super friendly, enthusiastic and I can see that he really wants to express his passion about coffee to everybody around. He also provided me some useful tips and experience which are really important for a new guy like me. Another trainer, Viet Nguyen, is awesome as well. He’s really dedicated in the class and also enthusiastically reminds his students to do some revisions at home. Overall, although there are plenty of options to find a good barista course in Sydney but this one I think is one of the best to consider.
    Macarena O.
    Macarena O.
    Read More
    Amazing training from Lee, so passionate about his craft. We were short for time and Lee managed to fit us into his schedule. Can’t recommend him enough. The attention to detail and the amount of time we had on the machine was beyond our expectation. Thank you Lee, we will keep practicing our heavy pour tulips.
    Quynh P.
    Quynh P.
    Read More
    Le was such an amazing trainer: super friendly, experienced, knowledgeable and very supportive! Although I’ve had a bit of experience in making coffee previously, thanks to his helping me point out my strengths and weaknesses, I can see that my skills have been improved remarkably. Besides, I love that there are only 2 students per class, which made the course more personalised (though affordable fee) and also really assisted in achieving the highest training quality. Once again, thank you so much Lee, and to anyone out there who’s looking for a credible barista training course, I highly recommend First Shot Barista Training!
    ERIKA P. S.
    ERIKA P. S.
    Read More
    Really good quality course! Nguyen Le was taught really well from the basics of how to make a good coffee until how to get a job from small things that we never thought. He is also so motivated and open-minded. Really enjoy the course, thank you!
    ERIKA P. S.
    ERIKA P. S.
    Read More
    Really good quality course! Nguyen Le was taught really well from the basics of how to make a good coffee until how to get a job from small things that we never thought. He is also so motivated and open-minded. Really enjoy the course, thank you!

    First Shot Barista Training

    Our team and network in the industry will ensure the best for you and your business. We have helped 1000’s+ baristas and cafe owners up-skill their brewing, latte art or sensory.


    To bridge the gap between people seeking to work in coffee and cafés looking for professional staff


    Structure the way coffee making is being taught & convey knowledge more efficiently


    We offer efficient, affordable and professional barista course for people in Sydney to get their

    Learn at your own pace with comprehensive class time
    While most foundational courses offer a short four hours, it can be hard to grasp the basics in coffee-making, let alone master these skills in practice. Our classes are between 4-20 hours and spread across a few days to a few weeks according to your schedule.

    We provide a tiered progression so that our training moves at a speed that suits your learning curve. Depending on the course, you’ll learn the basics of foundational coffee-making and machine maintenance to more advanced coffee theory. For baristas looking to expand their knowledge, our advanced training provides education in coffee tasting, developing your palate to understand different coffee profiles.
    Boost your employability in cafés and coffee roasteries
    Education is key in enabling you to reach your potential in the industry, and a strong understanding of coffee is a highly employable skill.

    Our foundational classes deliver a high success rate of 90% for those looking to become a barista and our advanced courses equip baristas with the knowledge and tools to reach their potential as coffee tasters, managers and café owners.
    Conveniently located in the heart of the CBD
    Our coffee course in Sydney provides training across all metropolitan areas, from the Eastern Suburbs and the Inner West to the Northern Beaches, Sutherland Shire and the Western suburbs.

    Easily accessible for those working in the city or travelling on the train line, our training centre is located in the CBD. We’re just steps away from Central Station and close to a number of bus stops. We regularly maintain our facilities and have implemented a safety policy to ensure that we deliver a clean and safe learning space.
    Choose a course that suits you
    We offer three tiers of coffee training in Sydney, covering foundational learning for those looking to begin a career as a barista, upskill or progress into more specialised roles in the industry.

    First Shot Barista Training puts your needs first

    Meet the gurus behind First Shot Barista Training

    Train in Modern & Cafe-like Setup

    We proudly provide you with state of the art machines & equipment used by most cafes in sydney to ensure you are 100% confident while acting your trail.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Is your Sydney barista course accredited and are you an RTO?
    While we’re not RTO, we have found that employers do not take this into account when looking for a barista. Employers seek the practical skills that our Sydney barista training provides, and our professionals are armed with a wealth of industry experience that will equip you with the right knowledge and expertise for the job. We focus our training on delivering a holistic understanding of the industry and ensuring that you can produce a great cup of coffee.
    How can I get a job after barista coffee training in Sydney?
    Whether you’re looking to become a barista or would like to move into management positions, our beginner and advanced courses have a proven track record of job success. Not only do we arm you with a wealth of practical skills and theoretical understanding, but we provide great job training to set you up for a great career in the café industry.

    Our trainers and business consultants will also provide you with a tailored resume to take to your next job interview, as well as several interview tips and tricks to maximise your chances of getting your ideal barista job. Explore our blogs for great industry insider tips, recipes and advice from our professional trainers.
    How do I enrol?
    We’ve made it easy to sign up for our barista courses in Sydney online. Simply explore our easy-to-use website, choose between our Job Ready, Discovery or Advanced Training courses and click the book now button. If you would like more information on our courses, don’t hesitate to get in contact with us and fill out our online enquiry form.
    Where is your Sydney barista school located?
    We’re conveniently located in the heart of the CBD, at 647 George St, Haymarket, NSW. Whether you’re working in the city or travelling on public transport, we are a few steps from Central Station, bus stops and the light rail.
    How long are your Sydney coffee classes?
    Our course hours will depend on which training program you choose, for example our Job Hunting course provides 8 hours of comprehensive learning, which are broken up into two, 4-hour sessions. You can also upgrade to our 20-hour lessons to solidify your learning and become a master barista.
    How much does your barista coffee class in Sydney cost?
    As one of the most affordable barista schools in Sydney, we offer a flexible payment system and accept a range of payment methods. For more information on our competitively priced courses, our barista trainers will be more than happy to provide a comprehensive price breakdown.
    Can I book for a group Sydney barista class?
    Tailoring our approach to each client, we are flexible in the way we deliver our Sydney barista coffee training. While we aim to keep our classes between 2-4 people, we also take larger group bookings to facilitate staff development training for businesses as well as those looking to learn with their friends.
    How far in advance do I need to book?
    Our trainers are active in the hospitality industry, consistently improving their knowledge of coffee-making. For this reason, we require that you book our Sydney coffee course a minimum of two weeks in advance to allow us to schedule the best barista trainers for the job.
    What is the difference between your beginner and advanced coffee classes in Sydney?
    Our tiered approach to coffee training is designed to meet you at your skill level. If you’re looking to learn the basics of coffee-making and machine operation, our Job Hunting course will equip you with a great foundation as a barista.

    For those looking to progress into management positions, head barista roles and café ownership, our Advanced Training is designed to broaden your understanding of the coffee industry, brewing science and superior knowledge of espresso machines and grinders. It will also equip you with a refined coffee tasting palate so that you can play a role in sourcing coffee and choosing quality blends for your business.
    What type of machines will I learn on?
    We’ve designed our barista coffee classes in Sydney to ensure that you can walk into any café and feel confident operating the espresso machine. You will learn about the most widely used espresso machines and grinders so that you can easily adapt to a variety of café conditions.

    Our state-of-the-art La Marzocco and Sanremo espresso machines are an industry favourite. You will also fine-tune your understanding of coffee grinders using leading brands like Mazzer, Robur, Mythos and Ek43 at our training centres.