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No matter what age you are, where you are from, how experienced you are, we can provide you the most suitable and affordable service to help you understand more about specialty coffee.

My husband and I took a course with Simon (while on extended travels) and had an absolutely FANTASTIC experience that was tailored to our interests and wants (we discussed a lot about coffee variety, processes, etc. since we’re more hobbyists and potentially interested in opening a shop vs. becoming baristas). We also honed our skills in pulling espresso shots and got to dabble in latte art (which has always eluded us). We can’t speak highly enough of the experience and hope to take another class soon - a true highlight of our travels!

Melissa Litwack - Specialty coffee enthusiast

The best coffee training ever ! I did the 4 Hours discovery training and learned a lot about coffee, Australian coffees standards and know how to make shot and simple cafe art!
Highly recommended for you first step in coffee world !

Laurie Villon- Specialty coffee enthusiast